Essential Mandarin Chinese Phrase Book

LEE Philip Yunkin [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780794600372

Periplus 2002 1st Edition

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 Essential Mandarin Chinese Phrase Book (View larger image)

This pocket-sized phrase book presents phrases travellers need to know in a way that is concise, accessible, and easy to understand. It covers over 2,000 essential phrases (selected for frequency of use), a glossary of the 2,000 most needed words, and key phrases for dining, lodging, and shopping. No traveller wants to get stuck in a Mandarin-speaking country without knowing how to ask basic questions such as: Where can I buy a ticket? Where's the police station? How much does postage on this letter cost? Would you like to meet for dinner? The phrase book can help you ask these questions and many, many more - along with the key phrases you need to determine crucial information, such as figuring out public transportation, or driving instructions. With grammar and pronunciation guides included, the book provides travellers with everything they need to get started. Philip Yungkin Lee, a native speaker of Chinese, is Senior Lecturer at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. He has published several language learning titles and has received a Teaching Excellence award from his university.

190 x 115mm


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