*Speedy Chinese Learning: Intermediate Speaking & Listening/Hanyu Kuaiyi Tong

LIU Lixin (editor) [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9787301060018

Beijing University Press 2003 1st Edition

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 *Speedy Chinese Learning: Intermediate Speaking &  (View larger image)

Written for short-term foreign students studying in China, this series is an oral teaching tool, and is appropriate for students at the intermediate level. It provides materials for 50-60 hours of classroom teaching and it can also be used for self-study. It has 12 chapters, all based on traditional Chinese sayings. Each chapter consists of a text, a list of vocabulary, words and phrases, a section on functioning in particular situations, speaking exercises, and listening exercises. The text is based on situations that foreign students encounter while studying in China. They teach appropriate usage of the language while taking into account practicality and student interest. Communication is taught in both dialogue and narrative form. The 'Situation' section includes grammatical structures, vocabulary words, and phrases related to the content of the text. These supplementary materials were chosen for their practicality, and teachers can select from these materials at their discretion. To give students more opportunities to listen to and speak Chinese, this book provides many speaking and listening exercises. The listening exercises are divided into two sections: 'Text Exercises' and 'Outside Exercises'. The former is comprised of complicated sections of the text, while the latter is comprised of text-related listening exercises. The exercises are modelled on the HSK question structure, and were constructed after researching foreign language teaching methods. Because listening and speaking are closely related language skills, teachers can vary the order of the exercises according to classroom situations. Teachers can use the stand-alone unit between Chapters 2 and 3 as they see fit. It can be used to stimulate students' interest in Chinese, as well as to enliven the classroom environment.

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