Caring for Women Cross-Culturally

ST. HILL Patricia, LIPSON Juliene & MELEIS Afaf Ibrahim [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780803610040

F. A. Davis 2003 1st Edition

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 Caring for Women Cross-Culturally (View larger image)

'This book will be helpful to both students and profesionals who seek baseline information on the beliefs, values, attitudes, and practices of a broad range of ethnic and cultural groups' - Sheila Edwards, Canadian Journal of Nursing Research (June 2003) Written by experts in transcultural health care, this unique book provides students with reliable information on all aspects of women's health - not just obstetrics - within the customs, beliefs, and norms of various cultures. Students will gain confidence in their health-care knowledge as they work with ethnic minority women. Features: >Quick-reference access to reliable cultural information for the health care of women from 20 immigrant & ethnic minority groups in North America in particular & other culturally diverse communitiies generally >Each chapter organized with the same systematic, consistent presentation of cultural issues for each group covered, enabling quick & easy retrieval of information >Information on all aspects of women's health within the context of cultural group norms, beliefs, & practices >Specific healthcare considerations for women of each group is covered >'Notes to the Provider' throughout cite potential problems that may be encountered at certain developmental stages or when dealing with a sensitive topic Contents: 1. Theoretical Considerations of Health Care for Immigrant & Minority Women 2. Africans 3. American Indians & Alaska Natives 4. Arabs 5. Brazilians 6. Cambodians 7. Chinese 8. Colombians 9. Egyptians 10. Ethiopians/Eritreans 11. Filipinos 12. Haitians 13. Japanese 14. Koreans 15. Mexicans 16. Puerto Ricans 17. Russians (Former Soviets) 18. South Asians 19. Vietnamese 20. West Indians Appendix A: Resources for Women Appendix B: Bibliography on Immigrant & Refugee Women’s Health

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