Chi Kung for Beginners

SHAW Scott [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780738704197

Llewellyn Publications 2004 1st Edition

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 Chi Kung for Beginners (View larger image)

There's a vibrant source of energy that fuels the universe, and it's available for you to use to meet any physical or mental challenge. That energy is qi (chi), and you can harness its power through the exacting yet simple methods of breath control and movement known as Chi Kung (qigong). Stop feeling rundown and spiritless. Through conscious interaction with this universal energy, you can revitalize your immune system and store up reserves of strength. Chi Kung for Beginners takes you progressively through the exercises: the preparatory stages; meridian-clearing techniques; meditation techniques; body movements; and advanced techniques of focusing, storing, redirecting, and extending chi from your body.


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