*Meeting In China: Practical Chinese - Speaking 1

ISBN: 9787561911990

Beijing Language & Culture University Press 2003 1st Edition

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 *Meeting In China: Practical Chinese - Speaking 1 (View larger image)

Meeting in China Practical Chinese: Speaking, consisting of two volumes with 15 lessons for each, is designed for elementary learners who have completed the preliminary courses. As the core of the series, it is intended for the learners, through dialogues and texts, to master the basic Chinese grammar, and thereby upgrade their ability in oral communication. Features: >Due considerations to the relationship between the learning of the knowledge of the language and the acquisition of language skills. The basic goal of language teaching is to cultivate the communication skills of the students. This does not mean that the teaching of the knowledge of the language can be neglected in teaching a second language, but that special requirements are demanded for its contents and approaches. The technical terms and grammatical theories has been avoided in explaining the language focal points, since the purpose of imparting language knowledge is to guide the language use and standardize the speech of the students. The teaching of the language knowledge has been integrated with the training of the language skills. These principles are embodied not only in the selection and notes of the language focal points, but also in the designing and requirements of the exercises. >Clear gradation of the explanations of grammar and due attention to the teaching of phrases. The grammatical points of this book are explained at three levels: words and expressions, phrases and sentence patterns. The teaching follows the procedure of words-phrases-sentences-text, in which special emphasis is placed on the teaching of phrases. The fundamental rules of constructing phrases and sentences are a basically the same. Priorities should be given to the teaching of many phrases as they are idiomatic expressions. A distinctive feature of the books is that the explanations of phrases are added between those of words and sentences in grammatical points to introduce the structures, construction rules and syntactic functions of various phrases so that the learners will form the habit of using the common phrases through practices >Adherence to the integration of practicality and interest of the material. Practicality is the common aim of the teacher and learners, so it is the first criteria for selecting language materials. The language of teaching materials must not only be standard an idiomatic, but also modern, interesting and humorous, which can arouse the interests of the learners. The texts, with the same characters in the carefully designed plots, offer the typical environment for communication. Included in each lesson are a dialogue, which smoothes the transition from simple sentences to passages, and a narrative text, which is easy to be recited.

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