Reader's Guide to Intermediate Japanese

WATT Yasuko Ito & RUBINGER Richard [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780824819934

Hawaii University Press 1998 1st Edition

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 Reader''s Guide to Intermediate Japanese (View larger image)

'A user friendly, resourceful, handy book for helping intermediate learners to read written texts ... A wonderful reference book for our students' - Journal of the Association of Teachers of Japanese The aim of this book is to help students struggling to become proficient in reading Japanese. It fills a gap in the expanding literature on Japanese-language instruction by focusing exclusively on patterns and expressions found in the written language. Although many pedagogical aids to learning the spoken language are available, there is very little to guide students who are trying to master the complexities of the written language. Based on the authors' extensive experience in teaching third- and fourth-year Japanese at American universities, the Reader's Guide to Intermediate Japanese provides student-friendly explanations and examples for phrases that occur with high frequency in written-style Japanese. Of particular value are the numerous cross-references, which make difficult verb endings much easier to access than do dictionaries, textbooks, or grammar books, where they are often embedded in lengthy grammatical discussions. English renderings, Japanese synonyms, brief structural notes, and example sentences with English translations provide quick access to an alphabetical listing of entries. Readings are provided for all Chinese characters used in the examples so that students can readily understand them without having to consult a character dictionary. Yasuko Ito Watt is assistant professor of Japanese and coordinator of the Japanese language program at Indiana University. Richard Rubinger is professor of Japanese at Indiana University. Also available in hardback edition, ISBN 0824819934.


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