Cleanse & Build Inner Qi (Qi Gong for Life Series)

MILTON John [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9781591792857

Sounds True 2005 1st Edition

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 Cleanse & Build Inner Qi (Qi Gong for Life Series) (View larger image)

The Qi Gong for Long Life series condenses the most essential lessons from qigong and t'ai chi expert John Milton into three DVDs, giving you the chance to experience an authentic qigong retreat at your own pace. The living energy of nature — known as qi in Chinese medicine — is a power you can channel for improving your own health. In Cleanse & Build Inner Qi, qigong master John Milton teaches you how to use that energy to purify and renew your physical body down to a cellular level. As he guides you with precision and clarity through each time-tested technique, you will experience the pure, revitalising power ofqi suffusing all major organ systems. Cleanse & Build Inner Qi includes 12 easy-to-use reference cards to let you take your qigong practice outdoors, where you will be able to tap into the natural healing energy from the world around you. This is qigong as it was meant to be practiced — transmitted from an experience master under the open sky, where you can truly channel the qi of heaven and earth to strengthen you health, increase your vitality, and enrich the years of your life. Perfect for use as a self-healing practice, or for enhancing any medical and fitness regimen. Cleanse & Build Inner Qi includes: >Taoist principles that explain the way elements of nature flow in the body, and how to clear the energy pathways >How harmful emotions are stored in individual organs, and specific qigong exercises to release them >Sighting a Distant Eagle — an exercise for increasing vigour and sexual energy >The art of Bone Marrow Washing to enhance your immune system, strengthen your bones, and store qi reserves >12 reference cards for practicing each empowering qigong technique in natural surroundings.

DVD with duration of 84 minutes, plus 12 reference cards

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