Chinese Folk Art (6 DVDs, 13 Parts) (Chinese subtitles only)

ISBN: 9787887460721

China Intercontinental Press 1st Edition

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 Chinese Folk Art (6 DVDs

Thanks to a long history, splendid culture, many nationalities and profound philosophies the Chinese people have produced abundant folk art. This TV series shares the essence of these folk art traditions by focusing on the details and stories behind this colourful culture. Chinese Folk Art includes 13 episodes: Chinese Acrobatics, Chinese Cheongsams, Chinese Nuo Dance, Chinese Lion Dance, Chinese Embroidery, Chinese Kites, Chinese Clay Figurines, Chinese Paper-cuts, Chinese Puppet, Chinese Pottery and Porcelain, Chinese Yange Dance, Chinese Leather Silhouette Show and Chinese Folk Songs.

6 DVDs, 13 episodes, 30 minutes each episode (total duration: 390 minutes)

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