Chen Style 36 Forms (DVD)

LAM Paul [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780975200377

East Acton 2006 1st Edition

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 Chen Style 36 Forms (DVD) (View larger image)

The 36 Forms were created in 1983 by Professor Kan Gui Xiang. It is based on the original 83 Forms as taught by the great Chen Fake and is the basis of the 56 National Competition Forms. Features: >Demonstration of the complete set by Professor Kan herself & comprehensive instructions by Paul Lam >Step-by-step instructions with close-up, repetitions, front-on & back-on views to facilitate learning >Can be used independently Names of the Forms: >1. Opening Form >2. Golden Guard Stamping Foot - Right >3. Leisurely Tying Coat >4. White Crane Flashes Wings >5. Step Diagonally Forward & Twist Step >6. Lift Knee and Withdraw Hands >7. Forward Block >8. Cover Hand and Punch with Fist >9. Double Push Hands >10. Punch Underneath Elbow >11. Repulse Monkey >12. Step Back and Press Elbow >13. Left and Right Parting Wild Horse's Mane >14. Left and Right Golden Cock Standing on One Leg >15. Six Blocking and Four Closing - Right Style >16. Single Ship - Left Style >17. Moving Hands Like Clouds >18. High Pat Horse

>19. Left and Right Patting Foot >20. Kicking with One Leg >21. Fists Draping Over Body >22. Back Twist with Shoulder and Elbow Punch >23. Green Dragon Emerging from the Water >24. White Gorilla Offering Fruit >25. Six Blocking and Four Closing - Left Style >26. Single Whip - Right Style >27. Double Stamping Feet >28. Fair Lady Working at the Shuttles >29. Beast's Head Pose >30. Dragon on the Ground >31. Step Forward, Seven Stars >32. Step Backward, Riding Tiger >33. Turn Body, Lotus Kick >34. Forward Cannon Punch >35. Golden Guard Stamping Foot - Left Style >36. Closing Form

DVD with duration of 100 minutes

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