Advanced Needling Techniques (DVD)

WEI Liu [Other titles by this author]


2005 1st Edition

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 Advanced Needling Techniques (DVD) (View larger image)

This DVD introduces basic and advanced needling techniques. The basic segment begins with needling sensations associated with acupuncture, including dullness, heaviness, and electrical sensations. It demonstrates fast and slow insertion methods, the 12 techniques for promoting qi, and the seven methods of tonifying and dispersing. The advanced section introduces the three levels of needle depth insertion (heaven, human, and earth), the nine combination techniques of tonifying and dispersing, and other techniques including fire needle, two needle, midnight-midday, and other special techniques passed down in familial lineage. The DVD is well scripted, well narrated, and well produced, with a run time of 40 minutes.

40 minutes

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