Chinese Culture DVD: Chinese Dances, Nuo Dance & Yange Dance

ISBN: 9787885184421

Qiaojiaren (Beauty Culture Communication) 1st Edition

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 Chinese Culture DVD: Chinese Dances

Chinese Yangge Dance is an old national dance, originally called the song of the sun, which is sung in the ceremony of sacrifice to the sun god. Yangge Dance spreads across regions including the areas of the Yangtse River and the Yellow River. This documentary demonstrates the origin of Yangge, its forms of performances, its different characteristics in the south and the north. A kaleidoscope of Chinese folk arts is displayed to you in this documentarDocumentary on the development and characteristics of Chinese classical and folk dances over thousands of years. Nuo Dance derives from an ancient sacrifice ceremony, based on totem worship and includes colorful woodcarved masks and props in its execution.

59 minutes with Chinese & English subtitles

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