*Step By Step Chinese Speaking - Elementary 2 (with MP3)

LIU Rong [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9787802002609

Sinolingua 2007 1st Edition

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 *Step By Step Chinese Speaking - Elementary 2 (wit (View larger image)

Functional, Situational, Topical, Real-life Conversation Practice Step By Step Chinese is the textbook of the Chinese Language Council International. Features: Progressing by grades Different grades are divided within each level: grammar points and vocabulary are based on The Outline of Studies for Long-term Chinese Courses of Foreign Students in Chinese Colleges; progressing step by step. Well Conceived System Systematic language knowledge, dealing with all skills of the language; unique text designs; comprehensive training on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills; promoting the interaction between teaching and learning. Most Up-to-date Information The most current commonly-used mandarin Chinese, truthful language material, practical exercises,. Closely compatiable with the HSK test. Scientific and Practical Texts, language points, notes and exercises are arranged scientifically; practical language and various tables and graphs make things easy both for students and for teachers. Intersting and rich contents Interesting and lively texts with rich contents. Focusing on world issues, linking up Chinese and foreign cultures. Treating differences with tolerance while seeking common ground, helping make trans-cultural communication. This book is an intensive reading textbook in Chinese with English translation for elementary Chinese learners. It is divided into 2 volumes, and each volume has 40 lessons. The main contents of the book are summed up as follows: 1. Hints on grammar points and functions The hints introduce the main grammar which appears in the texts and the communicative functions invovled in the dialogues. The choice and arrangement of them are based on the outline of grammar rules compiled by the Office of Chinese Language Council International. 2. Texts Texts in the book have two main parts. One involves a descriptive passage, and the other consists of dialogue. Two parts are related as one part acts as a reason or background of the other. 3. New words 4. Notes Mainly explains grammar points and cultural background knowledge in the texts. 5. Grammar 6. Phonetics 7. Exercises

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