* Psoriasis & Cutaneous Pruritus [Special] (The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine)

LU Chuanjian & XUAN Guowei [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9787117092425

People's Medical Publishing House 2007 1st Edition

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 * Psoriasis & Cutaneous Pruritus [Special] (View larger image)

Psoriasis and cutaneous pruritis are commonly seen in dermatology. Psoriasis affects people's appearance and causes distress. Due to its lingering course, it is referred to as a survivable cancer; however the complex etiological factors of cutaneous pruritis increase the difficulty of treatment. Western approaches are good but have numerous side effects. On the other hand, TCM has effective treatments to relieve and control pathological conditions by classifying them according to the complete system of pattern differentiation. This book is an important textual component in the series The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine. It introduces the overseas reader to Chinese medical experiences and offers a variety of complementary treatment methods for both psoriasis and cutaneous pruritis. Features: >Pattern differentiation and treatment with herbs and acupuncture >Clinical experience of distinguished physicians >Case studies >Relevant contemporary research on pattern differentiation >Selected quotes from classical texts

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