Well-Known Cultural Literates of China: Zhuge Liang/ Wu Zetian (DVD)

ISBN: 9787884082056

Qiaojiaren (Beauty Culture Communication)

AU $15.95

 Well-Known Cultural Literates of China: Zhuge Lian (View Larger Image)

Zhuge Liang Zhuge Liang,was a great astrologer in Eastern Han Dynasty. He not only made indelible contributions to the development of astronomy in our country,but also demonstrated his outstanding ability and extensive knowledge in mathematics,geography,painting,literature and other fields. Wu Zetian The female politician of Tang Dynasty,the only female Emperor in China. After Wu crowned herself,she encouraged the development of imperial examination system and brooked routes to choose talents; she rewarded farming and developed the economy; which led to a golden period of the Chinese feudal dynasty-----Kai Yuan prosperous period.

Running time: 50 mins, Chinese and English subtitles

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