Chen-style Taiji Push-hands Exercise and Actual Combat 1 (DVD)

CHEN Xiaowang [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9787887216342

Qiaojiaren (Beauty Culture Communication) 1st Edition

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 Chen-style Taiji Push-hands Exercise and Actual Co (View larger image)

Apart from abiding by general taijiquan's principle of sticking, clinging, warding, following, loosening, siphoning, flipping and flicking, neither letting go nor confronting, turning freely, steering clear of the solid but taking advantage of the void, Chen-style taijiquan push-hands exercise combines the basic techniques of clutching, holding, slamming, kicking and striking, ect and avails itself of the 8 methods of parrying, deflecting, pushing, pressing, picking, chopping, elbowing and leaning to drill the sensitivity of the skin and body. It's an ideal way to practice superb skills. To practice taiji frame is to improve oneself, while practicing pushing hands is to excel others. Only when achieving the two aims will one be likely to be insurmountable.

Chinese and English Subtitles

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