Experiencing Chinese: Pinyin Cards

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ISBN: 9787040237160

Higher Education Publishing House 2008 1st Edition

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"Experiencing Chinese Pinyin Cards" is a practical, lively, and interesting way for beginners of Chinese to learn Pinyin phonetics. A full set of cards includes 6 basic finals, 21 initials, 2 zero initial consonants, and 1 tone card (a total of 30 cards). In order to facilitate their usage in the classroom, we provide 2 complete sets of cards, for a total of 60 cards. A free MP3 is also included. Except for the tone card, each card is divided into a positive and negative side. The positive side has Pinyin, while the negative side has a nursery rhyme, ancient Chinese poem, tongue twister, or riddle. The positive side is used for teaching and practicing Pinyin, and single syllables, while the negative side is used to control the flow of speech and train students in the instinctive feel for the Chinese language.

60 cards

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