A Dictionary of Cantonese Colloquialisms in English

KWAN Kit Choi [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9789620702938

Commercial Press 2011 1st Edition

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 A Dictionary of Cantonese Colloquialisms in Englis

Cantontese is a language featured by slangs, colloquial expressions, idioms, proverbs and xiehouyu which are commonly used by Cantonese speakers. However, few colloquial words and expressions can be found in dictionary written in standard Chinese. This title is a handy reference book containing about 2,500 entries, suitable for non-native Cantonese speakers.
Each entry is provided with transliteration and literalization. The transliteration is based on the Linguistic Society of Hong Kong Cantonese Romanization Scheme or Jyutping. After the literalization, the word-for-word translation is given, which is then followed by one or more English equivalents and paraphrases. By juxtaposing these expressions, the learners are encouraged to learn by comparison and understand the meaning better. The origin and background information are given whenever appropriate. Two useful indices are given for quick reference.

210 x 140 cm

352 pp

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