TDP Infrared Lamp, floor model (Jumbo Sized Head) CQ-29

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 TDP Infrared Lamp


TDP Infrared Heat Lamps have been scientifically developed to emit an infrared spectrum which promotes healing by increasing blood flow and thus reducing pain, joint stiffness, muscle spasms, strains and sprains. A special mineral plate is contained within the head of each unit which is activated by the heating element. This mineral plate produces the special band of electro-magnetic waves which is at a similar wavelength released by the human body, thereby allowing superior absorption into the body.

This model is superior to many on the market with the durability of each plate lasting approximately 1,500 hours. A wider diameter head also allows a greater coverage for treatment of larger areas. This newer model also allows for replaceable heads and is mounted on castor wheels with a flexible neck to allow for better positioning for convenience. An adjustable timer also allows for the adjustment of time to suit different patients.

Product Specifications:
Spectrum Range :2 ~ 25Microns
Power Supply :110V
Power Consumption :<= 250W
Elevation (degree) >270
Azimuth (degree) >50
Lifetime of Curing Mineral Plate :1000 ~ 1500 hours
Auto - Timer : Mechanical, 0~ 60 min
ETL Grade & CE Mark
FDA 510 K approved
ISO 9001 certifie

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