100 Classic Chinese Poems 经典中国诗词100首 (Chinese - English)

QIU Xiaolong (translator) [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9787561773666

East China Normal University Press 2010 1st Edition

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 100 Classic Chinese Poems 经典中国诗词100首 (Chinese - En (100 Classic Chinese Poems 经典中国诗词100首)

The poems of the Tang dynasty (618-907) and the Song dynasty (960-1279) mark the twin peaks in classical Chinese literature. Even today, poets such as Li Bai, Du Fu, Wang Wei, Bai Juyi, Li Shangyin, Su Shi, Xin Qiji and Li Qingzhao are still commonly read as an integrated part of Chinese culture.
This volume presents more than a hundred celebrated poems selected out of the Tang and Song dynasties ,translated into English by Dr. Qiu Xiaolong, himself a renowned, award-winning bilingual poet. For a unique effect, each poem here is matched with a classical painting, corresponding to the traditional poetics of yijing——"the world of meanings through images", so the reader may enjoy a special, advantageous entrance into the world of classical Chinese poetry.

230 x 150mm


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