Vital Face: Facial Exercises and Massage for Health and Beauty

KIVLUOMA Leena [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9781848191662

Jessica Kingsley 2013 1st Edition

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 Vital Face: (Cover Image)

This is a unique, revolutionary and totally natural self-care programme developed to treat muscle based health problems and reduce the signs of ageing. The fully-illustrated handbook guides you through stretching and massage techniques to relax and strengthen the facial, neck and shoulder muscles, with particular emphasis on the jaw, where tension is often held. The exercises address health issues such as teeth clenching and grinding, pain in the face jaw or neck, and can even improve the effects of Bell's Palsy. They also achieve positive cosmetic results such as reduced facial lines and healthy glowing skin. The impact of each exercise is clearly explained so you can concentrate on techniques to target your individual situation, needs and goals. This supportive guide will help anyone who wants to improve the wellbeing and appearance of the face and neck, and will be of particular interest to those working in the fields of complementary health and beauty.

184 pp

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