Japanese Holistic Face Massage

PATTEN Rosemary [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9781848191228

Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2013 1st Edition

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 Japanese Holistic Face Massage (Cover Image)

Japanese holistic face massage is based on the ancient Chinese system of medicine and was originally used by geisha girls to maintain a youthful complexion. A comprehensive introductory guide, this book explains how to perform the massage and explores the therapeutic benefits of this type of treatment. With detailed explanations of the theory behind Japanese holistic massage, including Ki/Qi, acupressure and the Five Phases, the book provides everything needed to understand how the treatment works. Fully illustrated, it provides step-by-step instruction on the movements of the massage, explaining the effect they have on the flow of energy and the benefits this can have on emotional and physical health. The book focuses on the health aspects of this type of massage and how it can provide a supplement to health professional's work with specific ailments. This book will be an invaluable resource for massage therapists, hospice professionals, primary care professionals and anyone with an interest in massage and wellbeing.

50 illustrations

144 pp

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