Blowing in the Wind Drug-Resistant Tb and the Poor

YOUNG, Merlin [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9781500545383

Createspace 2014 1st Edition

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 Blowing in the Wind (Cover Image)

Blowing in the Wind is both a call-to-arms and a call-for help. It is also a book which is overdue by at least a decade. Merlin Young's comprehensive discourse on tuberculosis is a compelling read. It evolves layer by layer, allowing the general reader to develop levels of understanding that are essential to appreciate the threats posed by this ancient disease today. The scene is set with documentary evidence interspersed by historical anecdotes. Close behind them come penetrating critical analyses, one after the other, each one evaluating the way the disease is being managed today. Everything is well researched, making for an overall assessment of the pandemic from a variety of angles - historical, biomedical, economic, ethical and socio-political - all of which impinge on the current global rates of disease. Most important of all, however, the pandemic is considered from the perspective of those most directly exposed to it. In different parts this book is a documentary, a work of reference and a diatribe. For those who know little about today's TB pandemic, Blowing in the Wind will be sure to shock as much as it informs. But it also poses many inconvenient and uncomfortable questions, ones which need answering by governments, experts and health ministries everywhere. What emerges is deeply worrying: an already-existing drug-resistant pandemic that, for complex reasons, remains largely invisible, relatively ignored and seriously underestimated. Meanwhile in the hotspots where the disease is still common the all- too-frequently untreatable new variant forms of the disease are smouldering ominously. This book demands the attention of anyone who wishes for a fairer world.

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