Approaching China - Elementary Chinese (Traditional Chinese version)

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ISBN: 9787301250211

Peking University Press 2015 1st Edition

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 Approaching China - Elementary Chinese (Traditiona (Approaching China - Elementary Chinese (Traditional Chinese version))

This series is a three-level Mandarin Chinese course designed for beginners to advanced level students. Each unit is made up of four sections: text, vocabulary, grammar and exercises. In terms of the text, the beginner level focuses on daily life conversations; the intermediate level includes both dialogues and narratives; the advanced level mainly consists of essays discussing hot topics about modern China. Within the specific communicative contexts created through the texts and exercises, the series aims at presenting Chinese language structures as well as functions, introducing cultural elements, and helping the students experience and understand a changing China. Table of Contents 缩略语表LISTOFABBREVIATIONS 汉语语音CHINESEPRONUNCIATION 汉字书写CHINESEWRITINGSYSTEM LESSON1新学生 LESSON2上课第一天 LESSON3我的家 LESSON4请人吃饭 LESSON5中餐馆儿 LESSON6语伴 LESSON7感恩节 LESSON8要考试了 LESSON9老朋友见面 LESSON10春节 LESSON11爱好 LESSON12失恋了 LESSON13约会 LESSON14中国城 LESSON15快乐的一年级 词语索引VOCABULARYLIST


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