China Focus (Intermediate Level I): Love Chinese Audiovisual-Speaking Course

ISBN: 9787561946251

Beijing Language & Culture University Press 2016

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 China Focus (Intermediate Level I): Love (China Focus (Intermediate Level I): Love)

China Focus is a set of comprehensive Chinese teaching materials specially designed for the Chinese audiovisual-speaking course. The video clips are extracted from contemporary Chinese social hot issues, feature programs, news, sitcoms, documentaries, talk shows, interviews, entertainment programs, films and TV plays, micro films, advertisements, songs, etc. Using abundant online video resources, it builds a natural-language-based classroom teaching environment, giving full play to the Chinese audiovisual-speaking course's function of being a window to the society, and promoting the integration of language learning and cultural understanding.
This set of materials is divided into six levels, each of which is composed of several themes, encompassing society, economy, culture, education, life, love, and art. Several course modules are designed under each theme. The intermediate level (I) includes 10 volumes, each taking 4 class hours and covering the communication functions and scenes commonly used in the elementary level, intermediate level and advanced level. Teachers can develop a personalized assortment of teaching materials based on the themes they are interested in, which can either be independently used in an audiovisual-speaking course, or as exercise materials in a comprehensive class, speaking class, listening class and other classes.
The intermediate Level (I) includes Public Welfare, Dream, Hobbies, Occupations, Love, Family, Aspirations, Life, Campus, etc.

Sample page: With online video resources. HSK Level 4 or above

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