Interactive Medical Acupuncture Anatomy

ROBINSON Narda [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9781591610205

Taylor & Francis 2017 1st Edition

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 Interactive Medical Acupuncture Anatomy (Interactive Medical Acupuncture Anatomy)

'Interactive Medical Acupuncture Anatomy' is a clear and practical guide to the practice of medical acupuncture focussed on the interrelationship of structure and function.
The 1,051 images in this text delineate the relationships of acupuncture points with nearby anatomy that help to explain the physiological effects of point activation. This highly detailed investigation of the neuroanatomical basis and evidential support of acupuncture deeply informs its clinical application, making this work a "must have" for your medical practice libary.

> An anatomically precise presentation of acupuncture points and channels
> Complete, 3-dimensional, computer generated images of the body
> Permits visualisation of the underlying anatomical structures that acupuncture needles stimulate
> Provides the critical information needed for safer and more productive acupuncture practice
> Thousands of references supply much-needed evidential support of acupuncture science and practice
> Provides scientific validation for the effects of acupuncture on visceral, immune, circulotary and other bodily functions
> National Library of Medicine Visible Human Project images provided on the CD provide 3-D, rotatable, dissectible, Quick Time Virtual Reality images for identification of acupuncture points and their neural and vascular relationships.


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