Senior Chinese Course - Chinese Language, Culture and Society: Workbook 2

XU Jixing, HA Wei [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9789814806329

Cengage Learning Asia 2018

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 Senior Chinese Course - Chinese Language

Senior Chinese Course: Chinese Language, Culture and Society is a two-year Chinese programme offered as a subject in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE). It comprises a Textbook, two Workbooks, and a Teacher’s Book. The Textbook is organised into four units, which relate closely to the strand of Chinese culture and society prescribed in the VCE study design. A wide range of topics are covered in the units, such as the Chinese concept of family, Chinese naming and identity, education system, Chinese myths and legends, Chinese philosophy, literature and the arts, Chinese rituals and manners, Feng Shui, Chinese way of leisure and entertainment, Chinese business culture and etiquette, social values, teenagers and youth issues, and China and the world. Through these topics, students will gain comprehensive knowledge and understanding of both traditional and contemporary Chinese culture and society, in addition to their pursuit of Chinese language learning.
The Textbook is complemented by two Workbooks and a Teacher’s Book. The Workbooks provide practices for students to reinforce what has been taught in class and to extend their learning on topics of interest. Workbook 1 covers topics in Units 1 and 2; Workbook 2 covers topics in Units 3 and 4. The Teacher’s Book offers useful instructors’ resources, such as suggested activities for each topic and additional materials to facilitate students’ understanding of the topics covered in class and for further study of these topics beyond the classroom.
Senior Chinese Course: Chinese Language, Culture and Society is suitable for any course in relation to Chinese cultural studies or Chinese language learning.

VCE Chinese Language, Culture and Society Prescribed Texts 2019
Topic 1 : Confucius and Confucianism
Topic 2 : Lao Zi and Daoism
Topic 3 : Chinese Rituals and Manners
Topic 4 : Feng Shui and I Ching
Topic 5 : Chinese Concept of Life
Topic 6 : Chinese Clothing, Food, Music, Sports and Attractions
Topic 7 : The Chinese Language

Topic 1 : Introduction to Contemporary China
Topic 2 : Chinese Business Culture and Etiquette
Topic 3 : Chinese Social Values
Topic 4 : Family Planning Policy in China
Topic 5 : The Influence of Western Cultures and the Youths of China
Topic 6 : Occupations and Work Opportunities in China
Topic 7 : China and the World


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