Kangzhu Vacuum Cups (Set of 12 pieces)

ZM-033 [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 6920829790026

Sheng'an Kangyue Yiliao Qixie Company

AU $60.00
In Stock

 Kangzhu Vacuum Cups (Set of 12 pieces) (Vacuum Cups (Set of 12 pieces))

Durable, light weight and thick walled plastic cups. A hand pump provides powerful suction. The cups have the following approximate diameters (mouth/rim): 2 x 18/32mm, 2 x 26/39mm, 2 x 34/47mm, 2 x 42/55mm, 2 x 48/64mm, & 2 x 57/71mm6938706290101

No cups replacement available; the tube with white plugs can be purchased individually at $5.00.

(For this item please quote stock ID 6207)

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