Zheng Gu Shui (100ml)

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ISBN: 6901370653589

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 Zheng Gu Shui (100ml) (View larger image)


Dan Pi Moutan Radicis, Cortex 220mg/ml
Jiang Xiang Dalbergia Odorifera, Lignum 209mg/ml
Liang Mian Zhen Zanthoxyli Nitidi, Radix seu Ramulus et Folium 176mg/ml
Bai Zhi Angelicae Dahurica, Radix 143mg/ml
Da Li Wang Inulae Cappa, Radix 121mg/ml
Qian Jin Ba Flemingia Philippinensis, Radix 121mg/ml
Zhang Nao Cinnamomum Camphorae, Oleum 10mg/ml
Bo He Mentha Haplocalycis, Herba 50mg/ml

TCM Action
Applied topically to move Stagnant Blood, stop pain and promote healing.

TCM Pattern Diagnosis
External Damage, Qi and Blood Stasis Obstruction.

Knocks and falls, sprains, various types of bone fracture.

Closed Fractures, Soft Tissue Injury, Joint Dislocation, Arthritis.

Apply liquid on aching area with cotton; Soak cotton with liquid and apply for 1 hour, 2-3 times a day, for severe condition. For broken bones and joint dislocation, use the liquid after adjustment.

With "Duo Hu Ji Sheng Wan" for Wind Damp Bi Syndrome.

Not for internal use: Discontinue if skin becomes itchy or red rashes appear.

Bottle containing 100ml.

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