Shiatsu: The Complete Guide - New Edition of the Definitive Guide for Every Student of Shiatsu

JARMEY Chris & MOJAY Gabriel [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780722539149

Thorsons Publishers 2000 Revised edition

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 Shiatsu: The Complete Guide - New Edition of the D (View larger image)

Latest edition. Most recommended and well used Shiatsu guide now updated with new material throughout! Shiatsu: The Complete Guide is a new edition of the definitive guide and reference book for students and practitioners. Anyone with a serious interest in bodywork will find this book an indispensable textbook. Shiatsu literally means ‘finger pressure’ and is a traditional Japanese massage technique which can rebalance the body and ease both mental and physical tension by applying pressure to the body’s energy channels, or meridians. Covering a broad range of issues and information, Shiatsu: The Complete Guide includes: >The concept of Ki >Essential elements & components of shiatsu >How to use the different body parts - hands, palms, thumbs, fingers, forearms, knees & feet >Energy channels & how they are used in shiatsu >Basic treatment techniques >Shiatsu therapy & traditional Oriental medicine >Forms of Oriental diagnosis. Illustrated throughout, Shiatsu: The Complete Guide takes the reader in depth through the mental, physical and spiritual elements of shiatsu practice.

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