Nourishing Destiny: The Inner Tradition of Chinese Medicine

JARRETT Lonny [Other titles by this author]

ISBN: 9780966991604

Spirit Path Press 1998 1st Edition

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Fifteen years in creation, this work examines the spiritual traditions of Chinese medicine. Much of this discussion occurs within the context of Five-Element constitutional medicine.

For the author of China's oldest herbal text, the Shen Nong Ben Cao, the highest aspect of healing involved helping the patient fulfill his destiny in order to live out his years as allotted by heaven. Below that was the nourishment of man's inborn nature (xing). The lowest class of medicine was considered to be the treatment of physical illness. As early as the third century C.E. the alchemist Ge Hong laments that these words 'come from the highest sages' and yet the people of his age are lost in disbelief at the efficacy of the highest forms of medicine. The intention of Lonny Jarrett's writing and teaching is to help establish a self conscious 'inner tradition' of Chinese medicine.

Lonny Jarrett’s work examines the tradition of Chinese medicine whose primary therapeutic focus lies in aiding the fulfillment of the patient's personal destiny. His methodology has been to examine the lineage of thought regarding destiny that is present throughout the writings of many authors in the related disciplines of Chinese medicine, philosophy, alchemy, and religion. It is Jarrett’s hope that his work will provide a window for the inquisitive mind to follow more deeply into the universe that is Chinese medicine.

'Nourishing Destiny ... delves into the deep philosophical background of Chinese medicine. Filled with quotes from the classics such as the Dao De Jing and explanations of the meaning of characters such as the Dao make it fascinating reading. This was the textbook I needed when I went through college. You might even understand the five elements after reading [Lonny Jarrett's] chapters devoted to explaining it!' - Heiko Lade, Newsletter of the New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists

'Lonny Jarrett has transformed a lifetime of experience and study into an original and groundbreaking discussion of Chinese medicine' - Ted Kaptchuk, author of Chinese Medicine: The Web That Has No Weaver

'Lonny Jarrett has revived the spirit of Chinese medicine that is so often lacking in contemporary studies of this cultivational art. Integrating philosophy, cosmology, and mythology back into the evolution of Chinese medicine, Lonny has offered an initiation to practitioners, students, and client alike to expand their unfolding to this intricate art of healing. Nourishing Destiny offers the profundity of Chinese medical concepts, elemental archetypes, acupuncture points, and more importantly, the healing process. Lastly, the text inspires us to reawaken our inner selves to reconnect with the roots of Chinese medicine - which in itself is an act of healing!' - Jeffrey Yuen, Acupuncture Program and School of Oriental Studies, Swedish Institute

Foreword to Nourishing Destiny: The Inner Tradition of Chinese Medicine

'Sitting here, pen in hand, stranded beside the information superhighway. Why another book about Chinese medicine? This one neither an easy read nor a compendium of treatment formulae (the two most successful strategies for budding authors in this field).

'From the moment I first met Lonny Jarrett, I felt that he had in him a touch of genius akin to that of his inspirator, J.R. Worsley. Both seem to meet the criteria for spirits and sages in the
Nan Jing:

'One who looks and knows it is to be called a spirit. One who listens and knows it is to be called a sage.'

'I had seen this uncanny ability in Lonny, and numerous examples can be found in Nourishing Destiny, confirming the author’s gift for diagnosis at a glance, whether in person or even by a telephone answering machine! After more than two decades at practicing these skills myself, I believe it fair to conclude that heaven bestows these gifts with the same frequency and scatter as with all other remarkable facilities, be they perfect pitch in musicians or the ability to make automatic calculations in mathematicians.

'As a corollary, I suspect we each have our own special treasure hidden within us, only awaiting self-discovery. This premise is explicitly developed as a major theme of the book in hand: How each of us begins life with a unique destiny, granted by heaven (or nature or the Dao - take your pick) and it is up to each of us, with the help of our fellows, to fulfill that destiny otherwise known as our life’s purpose. Of course, first we must find out what that purpose is . . .

'It is high time someone address the relationship between Chinese medicine and an understanding of life’s purpose.
Nourishing Destiny presents many novel and intriguing thoughts on this matter, ultimately based on the classics. Like Worsley before him, Jarrett has synthesized material from a wealth of different traditions. His work is the first in English that seriously attempts to integrate in a clinical context the essential teachings of philosophical Daoism, Daoist alchemy, traditional acupuncture in its various incarnations, and Chinese herbal medicine. It is really a work in progress, and though it may be difficult to fathom all that is offered, there is much here to inspire both the lay reader and the practitioner. I hope this work reaches the wide audience who might benefit from its wisdom.' - Peter Eckman

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